The Carman Clan

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The Carman Clan

Who are the Carman Clan?









Terrance John (TJ)

Born on Presidents day in a very quick way, TJ is the light of our lives. He weighed in at 8lbs 14oz and 22 inches at birth, and is growing like a weed.

Odyn is our 8 year old Lab/Rottie who Ed rescued at 5 weeks old. He is our shadow and everywhere that I am, he is. It took a little while for him to adapt to TJ, we had to call in some help but now he loves him.


Nyrml & Sabyre

Our 14 year old cats! Sabyre, the black cat was Ed’s first rescue. He was adopted by a local rescue organization Pet Rescues by Judy. He loves pizza boxes and peanut butter. Nyrml was Ed’s second rescue, found wandering in the apartment complex he lived in. He loves ice cream (especially strawberry) and snuggling and isn’t fond of sharing with TJ.


Ed and I are a sucker for animals. We have had some wonderful pets that have come and gone from out lives.

Mystique was rescued with her brother on the side of the highway. Her brother Midnight lives in Philadelphia with a friend of Eds. In October 2010 Mystique lost her battle with Breast Cancer.

Loky was adopted by Ed after a staff member at the vets needed to find him a new home. Loky liked to eat things and endured many stomach surgeries and pancreatitis, but was full of energy and loved to play. He was a sweet dog who overcame the abuse he suffered as a little puppy. In March of 2011 we chose to put Loky to sleep after his health continued to decline. It was then discovered that he had a large cancerous tumor growing on his lungs and ribs.

Loky is the God of Mischief in Norse Mythology, a very fitting name.

Lager was y crazy cat that I adopted when I lived on my own. He was the product of feral cats living at my old job. We re-homed him to someone that had a young kitten, as he was full of energy and did not get along with the other cats.

Eysa was adopted just a week before finding out I was pregnant and on a whim when we went to Petsmart one Saturday. In May of 2012 we re-homed her to the Southeastern Border Collie rescue, so that she could find the attention and training she needed. Her background combined with a newborn made it so that she was not getting the exercise she needed and we feared for her safety as she continued to jump our fences. As of July 2012 it looks like the rescue has found her a loving new home.

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