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Upcoming Race Schedule

I am so excited about my fall race schedule, though my wallet might not agree.

September 22  Miracle Miles 15k

This is my first time doing this race, so it will be a new PR for me automatically. What I love about the race is that all proceeds benefit the NICU at Winnie Palmer Hospital. TJ was born at Winnie Palmer and fortunately was healthy and never had to visit the NICU, but one of our newer friends in our playgroup has twins that were born at 27 weeks at Winnie Palmer. They spent many months in the NICU and are now happy and healthy at 1 year.

September 29 Tower of Terror 10 miler

I signed up for this race months ago with two of my friends. Alexis who I used to train with and my friend Jess. Jess has never run this long so its a great motivator for her (and me it was why I bounced back to running). My new friend/training partner Kristen is actually running this race too. I am still trying to figure out my costume though. Two of the girls didn’t seem like they really want too but I think Kristen dresses up so maybe we will theme together. The beneficiary for this race is Autism Speaks, which makes me excited for many different reasons. Both my husband and best friend Shannon work with children with Austim.

October 29 Alzheimers Walk

This isn’t a run or a race but I want to share that we are walking. 4 years ago my Mom was diagnosed at the age of 58 with early onset Alzheimer’s. I could go on and on and give you my fundraising speech, but in short if you are interested in donating or joining my team click here.

December 1 Orlando OUC Half Marathon (formerly OUC)

I wanted to run this 2 years ago but I had to work. The nice part of my new job is no weekend events! Our training group is all running this, and I hear there is beer at the finish.

January 13 Disney Marathon

I finally signed up yesterday! Disney released the medal and offered a flash sale dropping the price back down to $150. At 82% full I decided I better bite the bullet and sign up before I can’t. I always said I never wanted to run a full marathon, but running a Disney one I hope won’t make it as bad especially because its the 20th anniversary. Looking at the training schedule intimidates me, but thankfully I am training with a group.

February 24 Disney Princess Half Marathon

I ran this race in 2010 and missed it last year thanks to TJ’s birth. It is the 5th anniversary and the medal is supposed to be cool. I am waiting to sign up for this one because we are going to celebrate TJ’s first birthday the day before. Yes I am crazy for hosting a party the day before and then going to run at the crack of dawn. But my 30th birthday is the 25th, and this is the way I want to celebrate.


So thats my race schedule, there are a few other races I want to run but financially I can’t.

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