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Healthy Breakfast to go

With preparing to start a new job friday, train for the Disney Marathon and take care of my son I needed to find an option for a healthy breakfast to go. I am not always going to have time in the mornings to sit down and eat after I run, shower, feed TJ, etc. Enter pinterest. A friend of mine who has lost a significant amount of weight pinned these weeks ago and I finally got around to making them last week.

Personalized Sized Baked Oatmeal from Sugar Free Mama (click for the recipe)

I am no food photographer!

I personally don’t have Stevia so I used Honey and we don’t have Flax so I used Chia seeds. The results, delicious! Well I think so, I am not so sure Ed agrees. I doubled the batch and put most in the freezer, that way I can grab one or two out with a piece of fruit, maybe smear some PB or Almond Butter on it and I am good to go in the morning. I am going to need all the energy I can get with the new job and the oatmeal will hopefully help me keep my supply up since I will begin pumping for TJ. I made chocolate chip ones, but only left 2 out and we already ate them.

Oh and to boot they are pretty inexpensive to make if you omit the Flax. We already had everything here to make them so I can’t say exactly how much a batch would be but my guess would be under $5.

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