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I have always been one to get up early and workout. By the end of the day I lose the motivation, I want to eat dinner and relax. But that all has to change now thanks to schedules and TJ’s unpredictability in the mornings. With Ed working I have to run and be home by 6am. I discovered that our new neighborhood is not well lit, and I don’t like running in the dark here. Plus with breastfeeding I have to pump before running, so it throws a wrench in timing.

So my dear husband made a suggestion, why not workout after the baby is in bed. No need to pump since he just ate. So tonight I tackled my first Best Body Bootcamp workout and holy sweaty! It took me an hour to complete the Arm Workout and 20 minute HIIT. I had planned on running to incorporate my marathon training program which called for 25 easy. During dinner it started raining, hard. Thunder and lighting and strong winds. I don’t mind running in a little rain, but that was a lot. So instead I stuck to my good old friend the elliptical. 20 min HIIT at an incline of 25 and resistance at a 4 for the ON and 3 for the OFF.

Thanks to my wonderful Husband I was able to complete my workout with only one distraction. This guy, who went to bed at 7 and then proceeded to cry, and cry, and cry.

I finally went back up to nurse him again, only for him to wake up 5 minutes later. My sweet husband didn’t disturb me until I was done, and with some baby snuggles on our bed, and the Lullaby station on Pandora he was soon fast asleep. What a Mamas boy!

I’m looking forward to tomorrows workout and this new schedule. Hopefully I won’t miss any workouts!

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