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2 months

It is hard to believe TJ is 2 months old and we have been in our new house for almost a month. I’ll talk about that another day though. I can’t believe he is 2 months old, and I never gave a 1 month update. Whoops.

At TJ’s 3 week appointment he weighed 10pounds 12 ounces and was 23 inches long.


On Monday TJ turned 2 months and he is huge! A few weeks ago we switched to 3-6 month clothes because his 0-3 month jammies were too short. We also started cloth about 2 weeks ago, and so far so good. I wash every other day and we just started using them at night. As for sleeping TJ has a witching hour around 7 every night, I have tried putting him to bed sooner, but no the boy knows his routine and its 9pm like clockwork. The first stretch is 4-5 hours and then its 3 after that. He starts grunting around 4 and usually ends up snuggling with Ed before he leaves for work, so I can go back to bed.


I got cleared to workout a few weeks ago and we had been using the running stroller off and on. I use a head support thing with an extra blanket for support and off we go. The first run he fussed but the other times he sleeps. I am building my endurance  back up slowly running with the stroller is no joke, but I am glad to live a half mile from a smooth paved trail. I registered for my first run the Tower to Terror 10 miler at Disney in September with my Friends Jess and Alexis .

He has started to smile and coo a lot more, at the animals on his mobile attached to his carseat, the one we add to his bouncy seat, his crib mobile and the playmat. It melts my heart.He is discovering his fists and grabs for the paci but hasn’t quite mastered it. He still is not a huge fan of the swing but loves the vibrating bouncing seat part.


We celebrated Easter, but the Easter bunny must have forgot we moved.

He is being baptized this weekend and has the cutest little suit that I can’t wait to share. He was too big for the Maher family baptism outfit and his cousin Mitchell’s but at least he can wear Alrik’s shoes.

2 Months

Weight: Approximately 14 pounds

Length: 25 inches (I measured)

Will have official measurements Monday when he goes for his shots. I’ve got the tylenol ready and I am hoping they let me nurse during to help with pain management.


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