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After delivery and getting one very long stitch (docs words) and Gram and Papa visiting we finally got to our Mother/Baby room at about 2am. TJ was off to the nursery and Ed and I rested in our room. I wanted to shower but they couldn’t take my IV port out yet, so instead I inhaled snacks. 1 Larabar, 1 granola bar and a bunch of nuts later I was happy. TJ was returned to us, the nurse gave us a bunch of directions and finally we got some sleep.

In the morning Ed and I ordered breakfast, relaxed, met the new nurses (shifts change at 7am) and I got to shower! I felt amazing after my shower. The pediatrician stopped by and gave TJ the all clear, no jaundice, hip problems, etc. The only mark he had was a angel kiss on his eye. Our time in the hospital was funny because everyone kept commenting on his hair, and I remarked that his hair is just like mine when I was born, but maybe longer.

I finally got to call my GrandMaher at 7:15 that morning, and she was so excited. We can’t wait for her to meet him. Grandmom and Marv came to visit were our first morning visitors, followed by Aunt Laura. TJ slept through them all. Later in the day we got visits from Rachel & Alrik (with Laura of course), Gram, Papa, Brooke, Gary, Jess and Nikki.

Ed and I decided when we did our hospital tour that we would sign up for the Celebratory dinner package offered by the conceriege service. It was well worth the $75 that it cost us. We celebrated our son’s birth, Valentines day (late) and an early birthday for me. Our nurse took TJ off to the nursery and our dinner was delivered by a white coat chef. We enjoyed the quiet, and when he was returned they had finally gotten the big booger that was making him snore and snort like a piggy. Too bad I didn’t get a video of it first.

Our second night in the hospital I sent Ed home to sleep and spend time with the doggies, run some errands, and pickup a little. On Wednesday he returned after TJ and I were cleared for discharge, fed and happy and we headed home. I am so thankful that the transport guy checked the carseat base and showed us how to put TJ into the carseat. We both realized we had no idea. Then it was just the 3 of us off into the real world.

I have nothing but good things to say about our stay at Winnie Palmer Hospital. All of the  staff that we encountered were pleasant and attentive, and the food wasn’t bad for a hospital. I love that you ordered what you wanted, when you wanted it. If you needed a nurse you simply called their portable phone. It was such an efficient system. The only bad part was how hard it was to sleep with people coming in and out to check on us.

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