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The new house

The last 3 weeks have been very eventful here in the Carman household! No Baby C hasn’t arrived, but we finally got approval on 1/30 for our new house. That means by March 2 we will close, or the sellers lose the approval from the bank. On February 2 we had our inspection and things went pretty well. No major work needs to be done that the inspection identified, except that the pool wasn’t cleaned like promised. The water was so filthy that we couldn’t see the bottom and the water level was so low we couldn’t run the pump efficiently. But the pump did work. The pool has 1970’s tile, its awesome from what we can tell. Otherwise all the stuff that needs to be done is mostly minor but some of it will be pricey. The entire fence needs to be replaced, or when Odyn jumps on it, it may go down. The screened porch needs to be rescreened, parts of the frame are coming apart and the roof of it needs to be fixed (Ed thinks). The only other big thing we plan to do is put a mesh fence around the pool before moving in, so we don’t have any accidental swimming dogs. It will also be useful when Baby C gets bigger, and give us all a piece of mind. Onto house pictures!

Front of the house- split level

Laundry area (I will miss having a separate laundry room, but I will survive)

Kitchen (I am standing in the breakfast room area)

Living Room & Dining Room to the left

Downstairs Family Room/Dog Room/Future Playroom

Workout Room Area (attached to downstairs family room)

Master Bedroom, closets and bathroom (If you have been to our current house you realize how exciting this is. Our current bedroom is 10×10 and our bathroom is a shower, toilet and sink on top of each other. Also we have 1 shared closet.

Baby C’s room (princess border will come down and be repainted)

There are 2 more bedrooms or different sizes upstairs too, one will be Ed’s office and the other will be our guest room and my sewing room.

Last but not least the pool! and Firepit area!!

The entire inside of the house needs a good cleaning and some patching and painting, the entire house is beige! Beige walls, carpet, tile. The only thing not beige is the appliances. Some rooms will stay the flesh colored beige, but most will get an update. We are lucky that we don’t have to rush out of our house, so we will close around March 1 or 2 and not move until the end of the month. I am working on packing what I can but it is difficult since we need mostly everything and there is not much room in our 1400sq foot house to put boxes and stuff.

I hope to update with pictures once we close, paint and decorate rooms (and fix the pool).


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