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The last 3 weeks

Baby C is growing slowly but surely. We were hoping he would have arrived by now, but he has is own agenda. Doc says my pregnancy has been perfect, and hasn’t needed to do a cervical check yet. He has explained to me it is common in the US to start checking early, but it means nothing. You can be closed and go into labor tonight or be 4 cm for weeks. And even though his head is super low it also means nothing besides he knows which way is out. First check is next Monday at 39 + 3 and I am hoping to get my membranes stripped too.

36 weeks

37 weeks (yikes I look bad)

38 weeks

Weight gain: lets not talk about it! 1 pant size up, but a lot less muscle tone. Oh running I miss you!

Cravings: nothing abnormal

Activity: lots of walking the dogs and myself, a little bit of the elliptical, lots of bouncing on the ball

I had a massage last week that made me feel like a million bucks!

Full Moon tonight, they say lots of babies come, but I think he is nice and cozy inside.


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