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The growing bump

We have been taking belly shots, even if I forget to share them! We we forgot week 32, sorry!

30 weeks

31 weeks

32 weeks? Got busy and forgot, just imagine slightly bigger from 31 to 33

33 weeks- getting ready to workout

34 weeks- excuse the half closed eyes and scrubby clothes, that is what happens when you lose your job!

35 weeks- getting low!

36 weeks appointment is Wednesday, and hopefully he will give me an update on Baby C’s position and dilation!

Holiday wrap-up and house update

Things have been crazy around here, stay tuned for an information/photo bomb.

Christmas was fabulous with my husband, he spoiled me as usual. We enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner at our house with my Mom, Marv and Ed’s parents. Christmas morning Ed and I headed to church with his parents, and then back home to do presents. The afternoon and evening were spent at his parents with dinner and presents. It was quiet, much quieter then I grew up with. I actually really missed Christmas with my family this year.

New Years was relaxed, Ed and I spent the night at home with the new fire pit (christmas present I have wanted forever!). The poor dogs were not fans of the neighbors shooting fireworks off beginning at 6pm. Eysa was terrified, hiding in her crate, under the desk, etc. Anytime she came outside another one would go off and she would run. Since we use loud noises to startle her when she is being bad it was not a good combo. Especially for a dog who is scared of strangers too. Odyn even wasn’t a fan.

We have still been waiting on word on the house, short sales are not short. We hopefully will know next week if the bank signed off.

I lost my job last week, the details are weird, there is no way I can file a lawsuit and even if I could I don’t think it is worth it. I am going to enjoy my extra time preparing for Baby C. I also noticed without driving to the office everyday my hips and back don’t hurt!

I had my second baby shower and Baby C was well spoiled by my friends and our family.

This quilt was made by my 11 (almost 12) year old niece for Baby C. She did a fantastic job, and once he is born and we share his name I plan to make an iron on to put on the backside with her name that it was made for ___ ____ and his birthdate.

Other than that we are almost 100% set on baby stuff! I hit a local consignment sale when they had a fill a bag for $10. I scored 52 items for Baby C. I tried to grab a lot of jeans and pants. Then yesterday we met a former c0-worker of Ed’s and his wife for dinner at their house, and were given a giant bag of NB and 0-3 month clothes that their son just outgrew. I seriously won’t have to do laundry forever at this rate! His rocker is done too, I will post pictures of his cushion I made and the rocker his daddy sanded and stained to match the rest of the furniture. It looks awesome. I have been acclimating to sitting in there, so the dogs get used to it. We figure we will be here for at least a month with Baby C before moving, so we need to acclimate them.

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