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29 weeks & hopefully a house

Wow house hunting has hopefully come to a close. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I got an email alert about a new listing. FYI our realtor setup automated emails that alert us for houses that fall into our criteria. She was going out of town for Thanksgiving but could show us the house on Sunday. We were super excited, low price, great neighborhood, cuts my commute to 30 minutes, near my in-laws and our church. Ed and I got to the house a little bit before Jo on Sunday and started snooping around. Okay really I was hoping the backdoor was left unlocked because I had to pee! The house was charming from the outside and even better inside. It needs a little work, not much mostly carpets cleaned, screen porch rescreened, patching and painting in a few spots, baby pool gate added, section of fence replaced and the front garage lights replaced. The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated, hardwood/laminate in the living room/dining room and the bedrooms are huge in comparison to our house. The backyard is a decent size in addition to the pool.

We put in offer in that night and waited with baited breathe. You see the house is an approved short sale. The people who were trying for it before were only approved at X amount and the bank approved $6,000 more. We made the full offer and didn’t ask for closing costs. On Monday we found out their were 4 offers!! We added an addendum offering $3,000 more and waited to see if they accepted us. Tuesday we found out the sellers did and would be sending our contract to the bank. So now we are waiting, hopefully they take it, I think if we have to look at anything after this we will continually compare it.

Last Monday we had our first lamaze class too. Some people said it was a waste, but I already learned a few things. I never knew what the stations meant and we learned a birth position that enables Ed to massage my hips. Speaking of my hips they have been KILLING me! Between sciatic nerve pain and over doing it at work this weekend I could barely walk Sunday. Thanks to my wonderful hubby for massaging, and even bigger thanks for installing a jacuzzi tub (I used it sans jets with a low temp). I even rocked my compression socks on Saturday to hopefully beat the leg pain. Back to the weekend in a few.

Last Tuesday we had another checkup at the specialist for Baby C to double check that everything was still good with his head. We had a different doc, and he wasn’t very warm and fuzzy but he confirmed that Baby C is fine! According to the ultrasound tech he is 1) still a boy 2) stubborn like his daddy and hid his face 3) 3.1 lbs and measuring 9 days ahead!

Ed’s Aunt had a dream that Baby C makes his entrance Jan. 22. I keep saying January, so I guess I better get cracking and get my work done so when I am ready to go I can go and not leave anyone high and dry with my events.

As for this past weekend I had a cocktail party event Friday night and was back early for Breakfast with Santa. By the end of the night Friday my feet were swollen and by Saturday afternoon it hurt to walk. I took my annual picture with Santa and am wondering how I am going to make it through 3 events next weekend!






















Bad room for photos, everything came out so Orange!

As for 28 weeks we forgot! Sorry to disappoint, but he is bigger this week. I don’t get on the scale anymore, and have gained more then I planned. It is hard for me, but I know it is for a purpose. When I can run/workout regularly without back pain again it will be good. No weird cravings still, and we have taken to reading Baby C books almost every night.

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