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27 weeks & a wedding

This weekend was a whirlwind! I left Saturday morning at 6am for a flight to Philly for one of my childhood friends weddings. I have known Sara since we were 13 and both joined the Mean Green Canoe Team.

I can’t say we were the best of friends at the very beginning, but we established a strong friendship fast! We spent 3 summers together after HS working at Camp Hidden Falls telling the kids we were twins and being Zicket before there was a Bennifer or whatever. Camp names- Me= Cricket Sara = Zeke

We raced together for many years before I abandoned her for Florida. (note to self scan old racing photos!)

On March 26 Sara was a reader for us in our wedding.

And on November 19 I had the pleasure of being at hers! We took some fun photos, poor Sara though just wanted to dance. Which I have to say was not the most comfortable for my belly, so it didn’t happen.






Mean Greens (and Tim since he is Saras Co-Coach now)

Camp Hidden Falls Girls! Me, Bunny, Zeke & Gimpy. We spent many a summers together singing, laughing and loving what we did and the lives we impacted!


And finally I arrived home Sunday, took my 27 week photo and then went house hunting. Which so far is a bust, and some houses were just down right gross. Hopefully we find something we love soon!



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