The Carman Clan

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24 weeks

We have reached viability! If Baby C was born now he would have a fighting chance!

Yikes he looks like he is hanging out around my belly button. Baby C has been kicking like crazy, I have laid on the couch some nights giggling because I can see my stomach jump. He is opposite of me and very active after dinner and kicks like crazy when he is hungry!

My first baby shower is this weekend and I am so excited! I get to see my loved ones and spend the night with my best friend who I don’t see nearly enough.

As for the house situation we are going to start looking to move, whether it happens before or after Baby C arrives we don’t know, but we trust everything will work out for the best!

Happy Halloween!

And although this isn’t from today I have to share one of Ed’s outfits from Homecoming week.


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