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27 weeks & a wedding

This weekend was a whirlwind! I left Saturday morning at 6am for a flight to Philly for one of my childhood friends weddings. I have known Sara since we were 13 and both joined the Mean Green Canoe Team.

I can’t say we were the best of friends at the very beginning, but we established a strong friendship fast! We spent 3 summers together after HS working at Camp Hidden Falls telling the kids we were twins and being Zicket before there was a Bennifer or whatever. Camp names- Me= Cricket Sara = Zeke

We raced together for many years before I abandoned her for Florida. (note to self scan old racing photos!)

On March 26 Sara was a reader for us in our wedding.

And on November 19 I had the pleasure of being at hers! We took some fun photos, poor Sara though just wanted to dance. Which I have to say was not the most comfortable for my belly, so it didn’t happen.






Mean Greens (and Tim since he is Saras Co-Coach now)

Camp Hidden Falls Girls! Me, Bunny, Zeke & Gimpy. We spent many a summers together singing, laughing and loving what we did and the lives we impacted!


And finally I arrived home Sunday, took my 27 week photo and then went house hunting. Which so far is a bust, and some houses were just down right gross. Hopefully we find something we love soon!


26 weeks & Baby Shower #1

Oops I kind of skipped 25, sorry :-(. I usually take my photos on Saturday or Sunday and the Saturday for 25 I headed to PA for Baby Shower #1 hosted by my amazing Godmother! It dawned on Ed and I after I got back that we forgot. The shower was great, I got to see family and two of my best girlfriends/MOH’s and one of my gorgeous flower girls!

Baby C was showered with Love and we received many generous gifts off our registry. Sorry Mom took not so great photos of the gift opening, so instead enjoy these of me and some of the ladies.

Eileen, Shannon, Me & Mom

Me, Kelly, Shannon & Kristin

Me & Cora ❤

Me, Louise (my Dads cousins wife), Aunt Natalie (my Dads Aunt) and Mom

Wonderful Hostesses! Cindy, Callie and my gorgeous Godmother Linda!

Note to self, side angle is not the most attractive!

My flights were eh. I flew on Rapids Rewards so I had connections. On the way up I went through Raliegh and on the way back through Nashville (didn’t see any stars 😦 ).  Going up I had the emergency exit row, and coming back the very front row on both flights. Coming back I must have not had enough water, I was having some Braxton Hicks when I landed in Nashville. I chugged a giant water and felt much better!

On the house front we start house hunting next weekend, but in the meantime we have put everything into Baby C’s room, but will leave the crib unassembled for now.







17 weeks

22 weeks






















26 weeks! It is amazing how far I have come, the weight gain makes sense now!!!




24 weeks

We have reached viability! If Baby C was born now he would have a fighting chance!

Yikes he looks like he is hanging out around my belly button. Baby C has been kicking like crazy, I have laid on the couch some nights giggling because I can see my stomach jump. He is opposite of me and very active after dinner and kicks like crazy when he is hungry!

My first baby shower is this weekend and I am so excited! I get to see my loved ones and spend the night with my best friend who I don’t see nearly enough.

As for the house situation we are going to start looking to move, whether it happens before or after Baby C arrives we don’t know, but we trust everything will work out for the best!

Happy Halloween!

And although this isn’t from today I have to share one of Ed’s outfits from Homecoming week.

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