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Catching up

Things have been a little crazy and I keep forgetting to post these!

21 weeks, I forgot to have Ed take a picture so this was taken off my improvised tripod since I was too lazy to setup the tripod.


22 weeks

And all of a sudden I swear he had a growth spurt!

23 weeks

Lets compare







8 weeks                                                                                                    23 weeks


As for Baby C’s room we have stalled for now. We got some news about our insurance claim and are in a holding pattern figuring out what we are going to do. For those who don’t know we had some cracking and issues in our back room. We planned to hire a private company to assess it, and decided to contact our homeowners insurance. After all Ed has owned the house since August 2001 and has never filed a claim. They did all the drilling, soil testing, and assessments and have found evidence of sinkhole activity. Don’t worry we are not in immediate threat of collapse or we would have packed up and moved. But now we have to figure out what course we are going to take and are going to start seeing some professionals including a real estate lawyer and financial planner. Hopefully we get it figured out soon with only 17 weeks until my due date we need a game plan. Oddly I have an feeling Baby C will arrive early (probably means late) since my Mom had my brother 4 weeks early, me 6 weeks and I think Ed’s mom said he was 3. Plus he is going to be a big boy, I am sure he will want out!


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