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Halfway there!

Well Friday marked halfway until our Little Man (hopefully) makes his entrance into this world!

If you look at my pants you can guess what I was up to this weekend, painting!! Our office turned nursery is in progress. Here is a sneak preview, next weekend we hope to do a second coat.

We planned on a lighter green which we picked up at Home Depot when we were there one day. Not thinking much of it I took it to Lowes, because we like the Olympic Low VOC paint. There wasn’t a color really close to it, so I asked the paint guy to color match it. Well he must have matched off the name, Behr- Asparagus/ Olympic- Asparagus. The paint is much darker and a little more pea green then we planned, but alas we are going with it. I think it will be fine. Originally we were going to paint a brown stripe set around the top. Why? When Ed bought the house there was a border under layers of paint, and peeling it off left a little lip. He painted the top Navy Blue to help. 3 coats of primer later, and 1 coat of green you can only see the lip in a few places, therefore we decided we are going to keep the walls 1 color. I am excited to get it finished, it is going to be very calm and soothing.

Let’s talk goals for Post Baby for a second. After running my first Half Marathon in February I have been itching to do another. My plans for the Sea Isle 10 miler were shelved when I found out I was pregnant, and I hadn’t planned on any for the fall because I planned to get pregnant. Looking ahead, I know I get back in shape best when I have a goal. So last night I made some.

August- 6 months post baby- Sea Isle 10 miler

I already plan to take sometime to go to Sea Isle and spend time with the family, so it will tie in nicely.

September or October- 7 to 8 months post baby

I am undecided on which race, I thought about flying to PA and doing the Philly Rock N Roll, if I can convince Shannon to run it I will, otherwise I will find a half marathon here in Orlando, most likely the Disney Wine & Dine, one I have been lusting after for 2 years!

I love the Disney race series, though the price is kind of high there is entertainment the whole way and you are never running alone.

November or December- 9 to 10 months post baby

There are a ton of half marathons in November and December here in the Orlando Area so I know I would not have trouble finding one. They would be great to run and then tack on extra miles to reach my long distance for the day.

January- 11 months post baby

THE DISNEY MARATHON! Yep that is right, the girl who said she never wanted to run 26.2 miles has decided to make it a goal for 11 months post baby. I have no time goal my plan will be to finish.

Hopefully my new goals will help keep me motivated to workout during my pregnancy, and help me bounce back post baby. Now I just hope someone buys me my running stroller so Little Man and I can train together! Ed and I joked about adding a treadmill to our registry too to add to our workout room. Thoughts?


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2 thoughts on “Halfway there!

  1. You look SO great! And I love that you are already making fitness goals. i was doing the same thing. Too hard not to when it’s such a natural part of you. 😉

    And I sooooo badly want to run a Disney half. The wine & dine or the princess are both at the TOP of my list of races to run.

    • Thanks Tina that means a lot to me, your body after baby helped me realize setting goals was what I needed to do!

      I ran the Princess last year and had so much fun, but swore next time I run a Disney race I will have more fun with it, and not worry about time.

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