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Catching up

Things have been a little crazy and I keep forgetting to post these!

21 weeks, I forgot to have Ed take a picture so this was taken off my improvised tripod since I was too lazy to setup the tripod.


22 weeks

And all of a sudden I swear he had a growth spurt!

23 weeks

Lets compare







8 weeks                                                                                                    23 weeks


As for Baby C’s room we have stalled for now. We got some news about our insurance claim and are in a holding pattern figuring out what we are going to do. For those who don’t know we had some cracking and issues in our back room. We planned to hire a private company to assess it, and decided to contact our homeowners insurance. After all Ed has owned the house since August 2001 and has never filed a claim. They did all the drilling, soil testing, and assessments and have found evidence of sinkhole activity. Don’t worry we are not in immediate threat of collapse or we would have packed up and moved. But now we have to figure out what course we are going to take and are going to start seeing some professionals including a real estate lawyer and financial planner. Hopefully we get it figured out soon with only 17 weeks until my due date we need a game plan. Oddly I have an feeling Baby C will arrive early (probably means late) since my Mom had my brother 4 weeks early, me 6 weeks and I think Ed’s mom said he was 3. Plus he is going to be a big boy, I am sure he will want out!

Halfway there!

Well Friday marked halfway until our Little Man (hopefully) makes his entrance into this world!

If you look at my pants you can guess what I was up to this weekend, painting!! Our office turned nursery is in progress. Here is a sneak preview, next weekend we hope to do a second coat.

We planned on a lighter green which we picked up at Home Depot when we were there one day. Not thinking much of it I took it to Lowes, because we like the Olympic Low VOC paint. There wasn’t a color really close to it, so I asked the paint guy to color match it. Well he must have matched off the name, Behr- Asparagus/ Olympic- Asparagus. The paint is much darker and a little more pea green then we planned, but alas we are going with it. I think it will be fine. Originally we were going to paint a brown stripe set around the top. Why? When Ed bought the house there was a border under layers of paint, and peeling it off left a little lip. He painted the top Navy Blue to help. 3 coats of primer later, and 1 coat of green you can only see the lip in a few places, therefore we decided we are going to keep the walls 1 color. I am excited to get it finished, it is going to be very calm and soothing.

Let’s talk goals for Post Baby for a second. After running my first Half Marathon in February I have been itching to do another. My plans for the Sea Isle 10 miler were shelved when I found out I was pregnant, and I hadn’t planned on any for the fall because I planned to get pregnant. Looking ahead, I know I get back in shape best when I have a goal. So last night I made some.

August- 6 months post baby- Sea Isle 10 miler

I already plan to take sometime to go to Sea Isle and spend time with the family, so it will tie in nicely.

September or October- 7 to 8 months post baby

I am undecided on which race, I thought about flying to PA and doing the Philly Rock N Roll, if I can convince Shannon to run it I will, otherwise I will find a half marathon here in Orlando, most likely the Disney Wine & Dine, one I have been lusting after for 2 years!

I love the Disney race series, though the price is kind of high there is entertainment the whole way and you are never running alone.

November or December- 9 to 10 months post baby

There are a ton of half marathons in November and December here in the Orlando Area so I know I would not have trouble finding one. They would be great to run and then tack on extra miles to reach my long distance for the day.

January- 11 months post baby

THE DISNEY MARATHON! Yep that is right, the girl who said she never wanted to run 26.2 miles has decided to make it a goal for 11 months post baby. I have no time goal my plan will be to finish.

Hopefully my new goals will help keep me motivated to workout during my pregnancy, and help me bounce back post baby. Now I just hope someone buys me my running stroller so Little Man and I can train together! Ed and I joked about adding a treadmill to our registry too to add to our workout room. Thoughts?

Bargain shopping for Baby C

Most people know we are frugal people. We rarely buy new furniture and if we do we look for a good sale. The only thing we have bought brand new that was $$ is our new couch and chair, a wedding present to ourselves (well thanks to our guests), our previous couch came from Craigslist, and the dogs made it nasty. And no the dogs are not allowed on the new furniture.

Being the frugal and economical person that I am I have started shopping early for Baby Boy C. This summer not long after finding out I was pregnant I saw a post on a Babycenter board about an amazing sale at on a carseat and stroller that the pattern was being discontinued. I worried that it would sell out and we snapped it up. For $199.98 we got the Britax Chaperone carseat and stroller. Normally the carseat is $199 on their site and $226 at Babies R Us’ and the stroller is $199! Maybe I felt we were having a boy, but we felt the pattern was gender neutral.

A few weeks later, after telling the family that I was pregnant, I found a great sale on a crib on Babies R Us. With the new federal regulations I didn’t feel comfortable with getting the crib from my sister-in-law or buying one used. Actually, for now the local resale shops have stopped carrying them, since they aren’t allowed legally.

Thanks to my wonderful Mom we are the recipients of the Davinci Kalani Crib in Honey Oak and a mattress for a grand total of $366 (includes shipping). Considering the crib is traditionally $399 we loved the deal. Plus the crib matches the dresser pretty close we plan to use, which was in my brother and my nursery and I have used ever since.

PS it is still on sale!

I have been fortunate enough to buy maternity clothes on sale and get a big bag from a coworker of my wonderful Mother In Law, and then a few dresses from Ed’s cousin Diane (thanks Diane).

This week I ventured to one of the local consignment shops to see what they had. I was amazed and overwhelmed. They had so many racks of little boys clothing, and maternity stuff. I walked out with a dress for me and all of this for Baby Boy for only $44!

Great selection, and I discovered if it has a blue mark it was only $.50, lesson learned ask when I first go in, I probably would have bought more.

Yesterday the shop where I bought the yellow sleeper a few weeks ago posted a sale on Facebook that all Green tags were $.50! I printed out my $5 off $35 coupon and drove over. The 30 minute drive was worth the haul. For $16 I for all of this!

I bought a few things that weren’t $.50 and got 10% off those because of a coupon.  I plan to go back next weekend for the stuff the bag event, $10 plus tax and you fill a grocery bag. I hope to find lots for Baby Boy C!

The best part about consignment shopping is the ability to buy expensive name brands for cheap. The overalls about and a few pairs of shorts, are from The Children’s Place!

I actually am struggling to figure out what to buy, since the weather in Florida is so unpredictable and he is due in february. I am buying some pants and jackets in 0-3 and 6-9 but then trying to grab lots of stuff that can just be layered.

I love shopping for our little man, and my wallet is glad he is not a she, or I would probably have bought a lot more by now, but I am more picky for him. If it doesn’t look like something Ed would wear, I don’t buy it for my little man!

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