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It’s a….


Ok by now our friends and family know, but I have been a little slow posting, I’ve been busy.

We saw a different doctor this time, I wanted to meet with 2 to see which I preferred.  I much refer this guy. He made me feel comfortable, actually I really liked him when he taught the class I went to in July. He was wearing chuck tailors with hearts on them, purple socks and his office is filled with Simpon’s toys. Ed said he looks like George Carlin.

Before we told anybody we had dinner with our families, luckily my Mom was still in town. We thought it would be fun since it is her first grand baby and its been 7 years since the last for Ed’s Mom. We arrived in the pouring rain and hid away in the living room to ice the inside of the cake. Tip, don’t use blue food coloring and then lick your finger of icing. Fortunate for me nobody noticed by blue tongue.

After a delicious dinner it was cake time.

Followed by a gift from Aunt Sandy!

Please notice by husbands goatee, it was dyed for Homecoming after he made a deal with students last week.

We are very excited about our Baby Boy, who still needs a name, but please don’t ask as we won’t be sharing until after he is born. For now you will get an off the wall answer, I like to call him Homer J, Ed calls him Ignacious Rockefellar.

For now we will keep working on his room, this weekend hopefully the first coat of color will go up! The walls have needed some help, the big blue stripe, cleaning, patching, ceiling painted. I can’t wait to get it done!


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2 thoughts on “It’s a….

  1. Laura Ferringer on said:

    Don’t tell anyone the name….other pregnant people steal names! Haha!

    • Talking from experience? We will only share it with one or two people to see if anyone else comes up with bad nicknames and the flow is ok. Until hid birthday he will stay Homer J!

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