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Happy day

You may think the happiest day of my life so far was marrying Ed, finding out I was pregnant or that we are having a boy. While those have all been joyful, and happy and wonderful, Wednesday actually ended up being amazing.

On Monday at our doctor’s appointment, our OB referred us to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department at our hospital because it look like Baby Boy Carman’s head was measuring at the top end of normal. Thankfully the doctor was calm, therefore we stayed calm and optimistic. Looking it up at home I realized there were  a few option and I became anxious.

Yesterday we met with the doctor at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department. Well after I couldn’t find the parking garage and got lost on the first floor of the hospital. The tech started our ultrasound and finally the doctor came in. She started talking about the ventricles and fluid and the possibilities of mental retardation or a blockage while she looked at his ultrasounds. Then told us he had none of that. In fact he is just big. Baby Boy Carman weighs 12oz and his foot is already over an inch long!


We have to go back in 8 weeks just to double check, but for now we are overjoyed that his brain was okay!


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