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19 weeks & Our mini vacation

This weekend we celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary and had a small baby moon at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete Beach. Ok well actually I won a certificate at a conference I attended back in February, and this was the first weekend we could finally find time/be able to use it. The great part was that we were given a suite, the second best was that we could get a dog suit for only $30 a night.

We left Friday about 4:45 and headed to the West Coast. Traffic wasn’t horrible until we hit the Tampa area, at 6ish. We finally arrived at the resort at about 6:45 and went to the wrong one first. You see the resort is part of a set, Sandpiper and Tradewinds. Luckily they aren’t far apart. We got checked in and took the dogs to the little doggie park then headed to our room only to discover 1 dog crate. Instead of packing the crates I called ahead and made arrangements for 2. After calling engineering we arrived back later (10 min after I called) and there was crate #2!

We were starving, didn’t feel like doing anything fancy so we grabbed pizza at the little pizza hut and ice cream. Banana ice cream with chocolate. Yum! Poor Eysa was not a fan and out of her element and would not go to the bathroom, our 8 month old baby held it for 16 hours before finally going Saturday morning.

We took the pups to the dog beach at Fort DeSoto park, about 20 minutes from the hotel. It is off leash which can be troublesome but turned out somewhat ok. Odyn only tried to run away when following other dogs.

Then Ed and I went back to enjoy the beach and pool! Dinner was on site and the Flying Bridge and was pretty decent food quality and price wise. We debated going off property but the restaurants around were all $$.

Resort pictures

You can see the inflatable water park in the distance!

3 story tall water slide, even though we had passes we deemed it not a good idea.

We never had time to paddleboat either.

Stare down with one of the Swans

And finally!

And because I am a freak


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2 thoughts on “19 weeks & Our mini vacation

  1. LOVE the picture of you and Ed and, of course, the baby bump!!! XoXo ~Carli

  2. Great pics, glad you had a good time. Luv the idea of having the pups with you, my Sadie would have loved that.

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