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18 weeks

I reached 18 weeks on Friday! The weekend was spent working, Friday night was a outdoor movie, Saturday morning I finished cleaning out the office so it can start being painted. It is not 100% clean, because we still can’t setup the office in the back room until we figure out what the insurance company says about  a possible sinkhole. So for now the desk and file cabinet are in the middle of the room, and may stay in there until January.

Anyway the room is white with a Royal blue stripe at the top. Why a stripe? When Ed bought the house the room was 1) Bubble gum pink (not just the walls, the baseboards too) and 2) there was an old border that had been constantly been painted over. When he peeled it off it left a ridge. One of the joys of old houses. Our goal is to paint it over, see if the ridge still shows and then do a special stripe set to help hide it. I realized we needed a new brush and primer so I headed to Lowes Saturday morning. The paint guy was very helpful and since I was going back and forth about needing primer or the primer and paint in one (I couldn’t remember the color we picked) he ended up giving me the gallon of primer for $8. I only needed a quart, but they don’t make a quart of primer. 2 coats later and you can still faintly see the Navy Blue line. And yes I forgot to take before pictures, but will take photos after. I think one more coat will do it. Then we are going to paint the ceiling and finally tackle the walls, baseboards, trim, closet and hang new doors. Good thing we have lots of time, but in reality we don’t since we are so busy.

Bean is growing, but I only gained .5 pounds this week. Total I am up 7.5 since getting pregnant.


Apparently Ed needs some practice so the photo isn’t blurry. Good thing I love him!

And yes I am wearing my regular jeans with a bella band. The only problem is that the waist slides down when I sit, which is actually a problem normally thanks to a big butt and little waist. Though I am finally starting to lose my hip bones, normally they stick out bad.

Circa summer 2007 with Kristin & Shan!

In other news Eysa got a new collar today, its pink and much better than her clearance one we bought when we got her. She finally got a tag too in case she gets away, and a new bed for her crate, that is supposed to be chew resistant. I hope so for $50! We have the same one in Odyn’s crate, and she loves laying in there.

Not from today but she is sleeping and I don’t want to disturb her.

Can’t find any I like of Odyn, guess I need to take more photos of my buddy!

week 19 will be from a surprise local! Tminus 8 days to Baby C’s gender! I will share after we have dinner with the family, I am making a cake and coloring the icing on the inside. I think the kids will love it!

Until February feel free to be my designated drinker ❤




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