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Becoming 3 (or 7)

The day we found out I was pregnant was interesting and a surprise. On the morning of June 18 we headed out to a mud run with out friends. The race was hot, the obstacles were week, and yet I was still struggling. I couldn’t catch my breath and was in desperate need of water. This isn’t a review of the awful race though. Lets just say we were happy to be done and enjoy a post race beverage!

That night we headed to dinner at the in-laws to celebrate father’s day. After a 3 hour nap, I was still exhausted. Ed and I were enjoying a movie at home later and suddenly it dawned on me. All the signs were there. TMI ahead…. Breast tenderness all week, nausea in the am, but yet I had just finished what I thought was my period (I later learned it was implantation bleeding). I headed into the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. Imagine my shock when I saw 2 pink lines!! The next morning I headed to Walmart bright and early for test #2 just to be safe.

What a great Father’s Day surprise!!

At 9 weeks we were able to see our Bean for the first time.

At 12 weeks we went in for our genetic testing, to make sure everything was measuring ok. It all looked good, so we finally felt the breath of fresh air to share with our family and friends!


Why 7 instead of 3 you might ask? Well for those who don’t know here is a run down of the Carman Clan!


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