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Happy day

You may think the happiest day of my life so far was marrying Ed, finding out I was pregnant or that we are having a boy. While those have all been joyful, and happy and wonderful, Wednesday actually ended up being amazing.

On Monday at our doctor’s appointment, our OB referred us to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department at our hospital because it look like Baby Boy Carman’s head was measuring at the top end of normal. Thankfully the doctor was calm, therefore we stayed calm and optimistic. Looking it up at home I realized there were  a few option and I became anxious.

Yesterday we met with the doctor at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department. Well after I couldn’t find the parking garage and got lost on the first floor of the hospital. The tech started our ultrasound and finally the doctor came in. She started talking about the ventricles and fluid and the possibilities of mental retardation or a blockage while she looked at his ultrasounds. Then told us he had none of that. In fact he is just big. Baby Boy Carman weighs 12oz and his foot is already over an inch long!


We have to go back in 8 weeks just to double check, but for now we are overjoyed that his brain was okay!

It’s a….


Ok by now our friends and family know, but I have been a little slow posting, I’ve been busy.

We saw a different doctor this time, I wanted to meet with 2 to see which I preferred.  I much refer this guy. He made me feel comfortable, actually I really liked him when he taught the class I went to in July. He was wearing chuck tailors with hearts on them, purple socks and his office is filled with Simpon’s toys. Ed said he looks like George Carlin.

Before we told anybody we had dinner with our families, luckily my Mom was still in town. We thought it would be fun since it is her first grand baby and its been 7 years since the last for Ed’s Mom. We arrived in the pouring rain and hid away in the living room to ice the inside of the cake. Tip, don’t use blue food coloring and then lick your finger of icing. Fortunate for me nobody noticed by blue tongue.

After a delicious dinner it was cake time.

Followed by a gift from Aunt Sandy!

Please notice by husbands goatee, it was dyed for Homecoming after he made a deal with students last week.

We are very excited about our Baby Boy, who still needs a name, but please don’t ask as we won’t be sharing until after he is born. For now you will get an off the wall answer, I like to call him Homer J, Ed calls him Ignacious Rockefellar.

For now we will keep working on his room, this weekend hopefully the first coat of color will go up! The walls have needed some help, the big blue stripe, cleaning, patching, ceiling painted. I can’t wait to get it done!

19 weeks & Our mini vacation

This weekend we celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary and had a small baby moon at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete Beach. Ok well actually I won a certificate at a conference I attended back in February, and this was the first weekend we could finally find time/be able to use it. The great part was that we were given a suite, the second best was that we could get a dog suit for only $30 a night.

We left Friday about 4:45 and headed to the West Coast. Traffic wasn’t horrible until we hit the Tampa area, at 6ish. We finally arrived at the resort at about 6:45 and went to the wrong one first. You see the resort is part of a set, Sandpiper and Tradewinds. Luckily they aren’t far apart. We got checked in and took the dogs to the little doggie park then headed to our room only to discover 1 dog crate. Instead of packing the crates I called ahead and made arrangements for 2. After calling engineering we arrived back later (10 min after I called) and there was crate #2!

We were starving, didn’t feel like doing anything fancy so we grabbed pizza at the little pizza hut and ice cream. Banana ice cream with chocolate. Yum! Poor Eysa was not a fan and out of her element and would not go to the bathroom, our 8 month old baby held it for 16 hours before finally going Saturday morning.

We took the pups to the dog beach at Fort DeSoto park, about 20 minutes from the hotel. It is off leash which can be troublesome but turned out somewhat ok. Odyn only tried to run away when following other dogs.

Then Ed and I went back to enjoy the beach and pool! Dinner was on site and the Flying Bridge and was pretty decent food quality and price wise. We debated going off property but the restaurants around were all $$.

Resort pictures

You can see the inflatable water park in the distance!

3 story tall water slide, even though we had passes we deemed it not a good idea.

We never had time to paddleboat either.

Stare down with one of the Swans

And finally!

And because I am a freak

18 weeks

I reached 18 weeks on Friday! The weekend was spent working, Friday night was a outdoor movie, Saturday morning I finished cleaning out the office so it can start being painted. It is not 100% clean, because we still can’t setup the office in the back room until we figure out what the insurance company says about  a possible sinkhole. So for now the desk and file cabinet are in the middle of the room, and may stay in there until January.

Anyway the room is white with a Royal blue stripe at the top. Why a stripe? When Ed bought the house the room was 1) Bubble gum pink (not just the walls, the baseboards too) and 2) there was an old border that had been constantly been painted over. When he peeled it off it left a ridge. One of the joys of old houses. Our goal is to paint it over, see if the ridge still shows and then do a special stripe set to help hide it. I realized we needed a new brush and primer so I headed to Lowes Saturday morning. The paint guy was very helpful and since I was going back and forth about needing primer or the primer and paint in one (I couldn’t remember the color we picked) he ended up giving me the gallon of primer for $8. I only needed a quart, but they don’t make a quart of primer. 2 coats later and you can still faintly see the Navy Blue line. And yes I forgot to take before pictures, but will take photos after. I think one more coat will do it. Then we are going to paint the ceiling and finally tackle the walls, baseboards, trim, closet and hang new doors. Good thing we have lots of time, but in reality we don’t since we are so busy.

Bean is growing, but I only gained .5 pounds this week. Total I am up 7.5 since getting pregnant.


Apparently Ed needs some practice so the photo isn’t blurry. Good thing I love him!

And yes I am wearing my regular jeans with a bella band. The only problem is that the waist slides down when I sit, which is actually a problem normally thanks to a big butt and little waist. Though I am finally starting to lose my hip bones, normally they stick out bad.

Circa summer 2007 with Kristin & Shan!

In other news Eysa got a new collar today, its pink and much better than her clearance one we bought when we got her. She finally got a tag too in case she gets away, and a new bed for her crate, that is supposed to be chew resistant. I hope so for $50! We have the same one in Odyn’s crate, and she loves laying in there.

Not from today but she is sleeping and I don’t want to disturb her.

Can’t find any I like of Odyn, guess I need to take more photos of my buddy!

week 19 will be from a surprise local! Tminus 8 days to Baby C’s gender! I will share after we have dinner with the family, I am making a cake and coloring the icing on the inside. I think the kids will love it!

Until February feel free to be my designated drinker ❤



17 weeks

On Friday I reached 17 weeks! I celebrated by taking the dogs on a short jog (ok like .5 miles) and walked about 1.6 miles. It felt great to jog, but for some reason my legs itched like crazy the rest of the walk. I never had this problem before, so maybe its because I haven’t been running or something to do with baby.

Baby C is growing slowly and steadily. It may not look like it, but lets not talk about the weight gain.

Yesterday I stopped by a local consignment shop that was having a big sale. Not knowing Baby C’s gender made it hard to shop, but I did buy 1 thing (and something for Abby).

I can’t wait until the 26th! I think Pink!

Working out

Keeping up my workout routine has been tough. Since the wedding in March my motivation to run has been lacking. It could be the lack of group training, the fact I hate running in my neighborhood or on the treadmill or that I just wanted to sleep. I tried Insanity for about 4 weeks until my knee couldn’t handle all the jumping. Why? I have no medial meniscus in my right knee. After surgeries in 1996, 2001 and 2002 there is nothing left. Once a doctor told me not to run when I went in with pain. For me that wasn’t a solution. Instead I started taking glucosamine chondroitin again. It works wonders and has allowed me to train for and run a half marathon with little knee pain. Actually I had more problems with my butt muscle and IT band, from all the inactivity my leg got in the past.

At the finish with my training buddy Alexis!

In May I began training for a 10 mile run taking place in NJ and planned my annual trip home for that weekend. I still did short runs and was building back up my long distance. Everything was mapped out in my google calendar. Then I found out I was pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant I tried to continue to workout. It was rough, and my workouts waned to 1 or 2x a week if I was lucky and not sick. Luck for me I didn’t gain weight, but considering I had put on 5 pounds since March I was relieved. Oddly 4 was during Insanity! Now I am trying to get back into my workouts, running is out because my HR jumps too fast and I have to go at a really slow pace. Plus I can’t take my glucosamine chondroitin since the doctor says they don’t know the effects on the baby. I don’t want my kid born with crazy deformed joints or anything. So instead I am back to focusing on lifting at least 2 times a week, and spinning at least one time. Other than that I try to use the elliptical, walk the dogs, and hopefully I will start aqua fit soon. I tend to workout first thing in the morning, but lately I drag out of bed. Once I get moving its not too bad. But it amazes me when people say, you don’t need to workout there’s plenty of time for that later.  My answer is always, there is plenty of time for it now!

Belly Shots!

I know everyone is going to ask for belly shots, and I don’t feel comfortable posting them on Facebook for some odd reason, so instead I will post them here, for all the world to see.

8 weeks

Talk about bloating!


11 Weeks

Post workout, note the puppies look in the background!



16 Weeks

We find out Baby C’s gender September 26!!

Becoming 3 (or 7)

The day we found out I was pregnant was interesting and a surprise. On the morning of June 18 we headed out to a mud run with out friends. The race was hot, the obstacles were week, and yet I was still struggling. I couldn’t catch my breath and was in desperate need of water. This isn’t a review of the awful race though. Lets just say we were happy to be done and enjoy a post race beverage!

That night we headed to dinner at the in-laws to celebrate father’s day. After a 3 hour nap, I was still exhausted. Ed and I were enjoying a movie at home later and suddenly it dawned on me. All the signs were there. TMI ahead…. Breast tenderness all week, nausea in the am, but yet I had just finished what I thought was my period (I later learned it was implantation bleeding). I headed into the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. Imagine my shock when I saw 2 pink lines!! The next morning I headed to Walmart bright and early for test #2 just to be safe.

What a great Father’s Day surprise!!

At 9 weeks we were able to see our Bean for the first time.

At 12 weeks we went in for our genetic testing, to make sure everything was measuring ok. It all looked good, so we finally felt the breath of fresh air to share with our family and friends!


Why 7 instead of 3 you might ask? Well for those who don’t know here is a run down of the Carman Clan!

Why a blog?

Through our adventures of growing and raising Baby C we want to be able to share with our family and friends near and far the excitement of my growing belly, redoing the office into the nursery and more. Stay with us as we navigate through February 2012 and our adventures in raising Baby C!!

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